The Whole Self - Matthew MaCoy Photographer

The Whole Self

There is a portion of you that gets poured out into your labours. That is to say that the efforts of your labor are an aspect of your “self”. In an effort to capture this aspect of identity I sought Craftsmen and Tradesmen around the Bozeman area who craft, create, and sculpt their our lives by creating with passion and ferocity. I photographed four individuals of different trades and paired those images with on location product shots of their work. By doing this shoot on location, where these creators work, I was able to witness the craftsmen in their element, improving the feeling of authenticity. Immediately I was enthralled by the intricacies of these crafts and how vastly different they are from my own. At the end of this project I have a new perspective as to what constitutes one’s whole self and the work that goes into forging an identity.

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