Matthew MaCoy is a Montana based photographer working in Bozeman. Prior to moving to Bozeman to study photography and philosophy Matt lived day to day incorporating photography into his routine and schedule. This routine and unceasing passion for photography have come to play a major role in his life. Growing up in Denver, Colorado Matt was raised to appreciate the nature that surrounded him. His continued affection for the outdoors influence his involvement in outdoor actions sport such as skiing, biking, and backpacking. Macoy’s undying love for nature is evident in his art, both subjectively and conceptually. The aesthetic aspect of his landscape and documentary images is paramount, but the focus on aesthetic often gives way to social commentary on man’s relation to nature. As an environmental photographer Matt depicts, indirectly, issues facing our society and its relationship to the outdoors. As a fine art artist Matthew’s primary goal is to communicate the principle of unity between man and nature. Living in Bozeman, the surrounding areas of Montana wilderness allow Matt to capture this unity and interact with nature in a positive way. Exploring many moods in his work Macoy utilizes both medium format film and digital media to capture scenes in both black and white and color, depending on intended moods. Continuing forward Matthew intends to travel, discovering new places and lifestyles to photograph. In adventuring he seeks a balance between his fine art and outdoor commercial photography, advertising not just outdoor product but the outdoor lifestyle he lives and loves.

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